This installation has thousands of traditional Indian glass bangles strung together and 101 frames containing broken plexiglass – a metaphor for shattering the proverbial glass ceiling. Khandavilli is interested in the sensuous nature of Indian religious architecture and its references to the female body and flowers, especially in the roofs of temples. This reference can be clearly seen in her brightly colored hanging frames.

- Sarah Cochran

Associate director at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Red glass bangles in India are one of the symbols of a married woman.
  • They are beautiful as adornments, but to me at times they also look like handcuffs… But then the strong goddesses wear them too!
  • The Padma Peeta (Lotus seat) motif that is now recurring in my works... is the lotus pedestal that is used to seat gods and goddesses.
  • These strings of bangles to me look like networks of women coming together to break the glass ceilings (this cannot be done alone)

- Siri Devi Khandavilli

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